Resilience Recap: How allotments help the homeless and vulnerable in the UK

Emmanuel House, a charity that supports homeless and vulnerable people in Nottingham uses a 75-acre expanse of allotments in St Ann's to change the lives of countless vulnerable adults and people who have spent time sleeping on the streets.

Here they grow herbs, fruit, vegetables and make their own teas and bird feed, while learning about the health benefits of the food they grow.

β€œAll this cotton is grown by a system of documented sustainability which we help growers with. They, through a farm management system, record all their production steps that prove it is sustainable so therefore Wrangler can say that these were produced sustainably,” said Rick Turner, Sr. Vice President of seeds and traits, BASF.

Looking for steps to recover your soil after a bushfire? Listen in to soil expert, Nicole Masters as she speaks to farmers in California.

Traditional seed varieties cultivated for generations have far fewer protections than modified or hybrid seeds. Six senators have introduced legislation to level the playing field.

We are humbled to be featured for a second year in Heal One World's Awareness Festival. Join us at the screening with a Q&A session to follow. The film is featured in a larger block that starts at 1:30 PM.

Harvest of Hope  production photo: San Diego, CA

Harvest of Hope production photo: San Diego, CA

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