Resilience Recap: Beekeeping Could Offer New Path to West Virginia Coal Miners

Nearly 40 percent of coal jobs disappeared over the past decade. The Appalachian Beekeeping Collective is offering West Virginians a new future.

Climatic factors have wreaked havoc on apple crops by disrupting natural flowering seasons and pollination systems. The shape, size and quality of Himalayan apples have changed.

When the Halifax Mobile Food Market launched in 2015, the goal was simple but powerful: to bring fresh, affordable foods to communities in Halifax with limited access to healthy food. But more than a place to buy fresh food, the markets evolved into vibrant community gathering spaces…

Read the latest blog post on the happenings in each SARE regions, focusing on project solicitations and grant award announcements.

Imagine spending three weeks outside without water while temperatures regularly rise above 104 °F. That’s a recipe for disaster for humans — and for most plants, too. But to many varieties of cowpea, it’s a mere hiccup on the way to producing high-protein, nutritious beans that have cultural significance around the world.

Harvest of Hope  production photo: Lake Castaic, CA.

Harvest of Hope production photo: Lake Castaic, CA.

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